Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Join an Online Fitness Challenge

We see fitness challenges all over social media that have us questioning a couple of things: Are these results real? Can I do it? Is this worth my money? I cannot speak for everyone or all challenges but I will say that…

YES! The results you see on most online fitness challenges are real! Yes! You can do it. And, no amount of money is too small or too large to enhance your health and life!

With that being said, let’s talk about the top 6 reasons why you SHOULD join an online fitness challenge:

Challenging yourself is good!

Being competitive with others and yourself is healthy! Creating a goal and challenging your body and mind is a healthy task. When you commit to a fitness challenge, you commit to creating a goal and achieving it. You commit to enhancing your health with a simple challenge. Yes! It may be a little difficult, but what’s a challenge without a challenge?????

You have a plan!

We all know that it’s hard to achieve our fitness goals without guidance or a plan. In an online challenge you will receive guidance and coaching from the host of the challenge. It’s similar to having a personal trainer in house, what more could you ask for?

It is said that it takes 21-30 days to form a habit!

A challenge can help you get in a routine of working out, eating healthy, and taking time for yourself. It helps you to plan out your life around your health, and that habit is important in creating a healthy lifestyle. Once a healthy habit is formed, you begin to feel better and nothing but goodness can come from it.

You’ll have a Support Group

In most fitness challenges you’ll have access to an online community that is also participating in the fitness challenge alongside of you. This camaraderie that you experience will not only motivate you to stick with it, but it will make you as feel that you are not alone! You can do this with a support group that helps you stay on track! The support from the group will help you grow and learn and stick to the plan.

You are not on anyone else’s schedule.

You are free to work out when you can! A lot of times people get discouraged with gyms or personal trainers because you are on their time schedule. With an online challenge you can work out when it fits in your schedule, even if it’s at 2:00 am – Whatever works for you! This is the beauty of having a plan and a coach, you can work it into your life while still sticking to the challenge.


In a fitness challenge… you push yourself to new limits. You learn new things about yourself, your body, your ability to reach goals, etc. If you stick to the challenge and commit to a change, RESULTS WILL HAPPEN! Whatever your goal is for the challenge, you can reach it if you CHALLENGE yourself! That’s what it is about: Achieving the BEST YOU!

Don’t hesitate anymore!

You can do this!

Find a challenge that works for you and join it today!

Let’s get Healthy!!