“We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or access to a gym.”

Before our in-person services begin, we offer a Full Fitness Assessment and Body Age (reevaluation – continuing client) for FREE!  A full Fitness Assessment is the perfect way to gauge your all around fitness level and provide you with a baseline for measuring improvements.

The assessment measures several principles of fitness including: body composition, girth measurements, body mass index and cardiovascular, strength and flexibility testing. All of the results are analyzed to determine your body’s age. You will be given a full printed report of your results.


  • Personal Training Services in Central Florida:

    This is an ideal option for people wishing to get professional guidance in updating or advancing their current exercise program.

    • – One on One training sessions
    • – Group Personal Training
    • – Pre-Wedding Workouts
    • – Pre-Spring Break Workouts
    • – Pre-Natal Exercise Prescription
    • – Post-Pregnancy Exercise Prescription
    • – Online Personal Training Services
    • – Personal Training House Calls
    • – Core/ Low back Stability Training
    • – Flexibility
  • One – on – One and Group Exercise Classes in Central Florida:

    Group exercise classes are ideal for 2 or more people that need professional fitness guidance in updating or advancing their current exercise program.

    • – Boot Camp
    • – Body Works
    • – Sports Conditioning
    • – Circuit Training
    • – Pilates
  • Fitness/Wellness Assessments:

    • Comprehensive assessments of weight, body fat %, muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, flexibility, resting heart rate, post-exercise heart rate, and risk stratification.
  • Postural Assessments and Exercise Prescriptions 

  • Nutritional Planning:

    • – Comprehensive nutritional consultation
    • – Supermarket Tours
    • – Weight Management
    • – Weight Loss
    • – Weight Gain