CARDIO: Is Running the BEST way to lose weight?

When people think of running, they think of long distances, such as 5 miles or more. Running can be considered anything faster than a walk…. So, the distance can vary depending on the desired outcome. Several clients ask me, “If I run a mile or 2 every day, will I lose weight faster?” My answer to the question is multifaceted.

Running is a movement that activates several large muscle groups. In activating these muscles, fat is burned. Now, keep in mind that everyone is different, and different body types react or are affected differently by exercise. Yes, you can lose weight while running, ABSOLUTELY; but with all things, there are other factors you should consider reaching your weight loss goal.

  •  Running will help with trimming down; but so, do weights.  Weights assist with toning, increased muscle definition, and increasing/maintaining bone density.
  • As one gets older, it’s important to implement weight training to prevent bone disease
  • As with anything, in order to see continued progress with your fitness goal, increasing intensity or longevity is necessary.  By breaking the monotony of a repetitive exercise program, you can create different challenges for yourself with running.   Over time, I’d consistently increase my speed, add sprints, or increase my mileage.  This way my body won’t plateau.

You can run for 6 months and increase your endurance and strength, but the scale may not move like you would expect.  In order to reach your fitness goals, the focus should be 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  A huge amount of focus should be on getting a nutrition plan that works for you.  Fueling your body is the best route to take toward any goal.

So, yes, you can lose weight by running, with the implementation of these 3 keys mentioned above. So, I would say start off slow with a run/walk, progress by adding in weights, and most importantly fuel your body correctly. Tie up those shoes, and let’s go!