Protecting your P***Y and still Staying Sexy

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So, I get asked the same question time and time again about Protecting your P***Y and still Staying Sexy, so I thought I’d address it in a post to help so many others.  Here’s one of the emails I received:

“Ever since my fitness journey which started back April 22, 2019, I’ve noticed that every month or every other month I’ve had to go to the OBGYN for yeast infection and/or BV. At times It would be a dual diagnosis and at Yes separate. I hate taking any kind of antibiotics because sometimes the yeast infections would come right back.  So, I did some research and I started drinking more water (which I’m up to a gallon a day) I cut out greasy fried foods, sugar, salt and soda out of my diet. I make sure to drink an all-natural caffeine free lemon/ginger herbal tea with probiotics every morning which I add 3 caps full to my tea with honey….

However, this yeast infection is becoming a pain in my butt. I literary go straight home and shower after I work out. I wear cotton panties and I do not use soap or a rag down there only my feminine wash Vagisil. I try my hardest not to over wash because my OBGYN said that’s why I was getting BV because I was officially over washing the good bacteria. Just wondering what I can do or what should I do that’s natural or organic to combat this issue.”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experience recurrent infections and/or irritation.

🙋🏽‍♀️ ‍🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️Hands all over the building (lol, that’s a church saying).

Anyway… this topic has to be addressed because so many people deal with it silently.  In so many cases, women face setbacks and time off from exercising because of the annoyance and pain caused by these infections.

Guess what, there is a way to be fine, wear workout clothes, and have good vaginal health. 

So, I’ve teamed up with a good friend Dr. Katina Kennedy to present some facts and some tips for you to combat this issue.

Tips from Dr. Katina Kennedy

The cause of Vaginal Infections/ Irritations are caused by an alteration in the pH levels in the vagina.  This is your vaginas temperature and can be dictated by bacteria, diet, sex, soap, and clothing.

So, with so many variables that contribute to your health, let’s get to the tips:

    1. Bacteria – your body creates good bacteria to aid in balancing the pH in your vagina. When this gets out of whack, that’s when irritation and infections ensue.  Taking a probiotic specifically for vaginal health has helped me and so many of Dr. Kennedy’s patients.
      Taking any of these or all each day will help keep that pH level balanced among other things.  Kennedy recommends FemDophilus to her clients and it definitely helps tremendously.  A couple of options for you are D-Mannose, femdophilus, and Multidophilus-12.  All of these can be found at your local Whole Foods, Health Store, or my Amazon page.

Multidophilus -12D-Mannose


  1. Diet – Diet is important because your body functions better when you eat better. So that means eating clean more often than not, and consciously making good eating/drinking decisions.  Also, implementing more water and less caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc. helps significantly.  I have also implemented 100% cranberry juice to my morning routine, just half a glass to take with the above-mentioned supplements each day. (Link is below for amazon)

  1. Sex – I am no expert on this, but what I do know is take showers and urinate after sex. Kennedy has way more tips in her video that you should definitely take heed to… Link is à
  2. Soap – VERY IMPORTANT. If you use bath and body works, or any other scented body wash. STOP!  It messes with your pH balance.  Also, any feminine or vaginal washes (Vagisil) change your pH balance and are not good for you, so STOP!  Basically, any soaps that are unscented or natural such as Dove’s unscented soap are recommended by Dr. Kennedy. NOTHING SCENTED down there ladies, can’t nobody smell it anyway (lol)
  3. Clothing – so clothing is important. When necessary, wear cotton underwears.  I work in hot conditions, so I wear dri-fit underwear with cotton seats.  If at any time my clothes are too wet or sweaty, I dry off and change.  The same thing applies for tights, after workouts, I change into dry clothing or shower (depending on what I’m doing next) ASAP. Don’t get in the habit of running a day’s worth of errands in tight and wet clothing, recipe for disaster (trust me I know).

So, ladies, yes it may seem like you may have to change a lot to be healthy, BUT it is so worth it.  Take these tips and do what works for you to combat the issue and to create a healthy vagina.  Healthy vaginas are happy (cliché but true).  Keep working out, stay dry, drink water, and be happy!

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