Improving Your Immune System

Improving Your Immune System:  Why and How?

Our immune system is an intricate part of your body that self regulates.  So, for the most part our body does a pretty good job of protecting itself from infections, sickness, germs, etc.  There is a BIG IF though, IF we take care of it and keep it healthy.   During this time of COVID-19, what better time to talk about how to remain healthy, fight off disease and sickness.  Why Now?  If not now, then when?  So, let’s get into it…

The immune system isn’t just one entity, but it is an entire system.  This means that in order for it to function properly, all the parts must be working together in harmony and in good health.  Your lifestyle choices for sure have an impact on a healthy immune system; which means choosing a healthy lifestyle can aid in a well-oiled machine. 

A couple of recommendations made by both Doctors and the CDC are as follows:

1.    No smoking

2.    Drink alcohol in moderation

3.    Practice safe and clean living (wash ya hands, take baths, all of that)

4.    Minimize Stress

5.    Get adequate sleep

6.    Eat a healthy diet (including fruits and vegetables)

7.    Add supplements regularly (vitamins)

8.    Exercise regularly

9.    Maintain a healthy weight.

These should all be common knowledge, but let’s take a few minutes and explain the above. 

So, let’s review:

No Smoking – Well, we know that smoking can cause other diseases, as well as decreasing our lung capacity; among other things.  Smoking deceases our life by at least 5-10 yrs., due to the complications that come along with it.  So, yeah, I think we are good on that one.

Alcohol in Moderation – Well, alcohol affects your kidneys, liver, and blood pressure.  Not sure why we would need to go into to detail, but the decrease in the function of those two organs causes severe distress on the rest of your body.  So, this means, enjoy your cocktail or beer every now and again, but don’t overdo it… It can cause stress on your body and health.

Practice safe and clean living … I got nothing to say here. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, use hand sanitizer.  IDK why this has to be said, but yep! Do that please! 

Minimize Stress –   So, this one is challenging for me.  Minimizing stress can mean dealing with some things that affect you mentally and in turn physically; getting rid of some things or some people that cause you stress.  The way that your body handles and processes stress effects your physical well-being.  Stress and the managing of it can be good or bad for your body, your mood, and overall health.  Manage it wisely.

Get Adequate Sleep – Sleep is your recovery, rejuvenation, repair, and healing phase of your day.  The wear and tear we put on our bodies day in and day out has to be coupled with rest.  Sleep allows your body to repair and restore.  5-7 hours a night is recommended.  Take naps, sleep, chill.  It’s ok to turn that brain off.

Add Supplements – Taking natural supplements, such as multivitamins, vitamin d, vitamin c (to name a few), coupled with good nutrition can be beneficial to getting your body what it needs to function at optimal health. 

The last 3 are a trio, which means they all go together.  If you need help with any of these below, go ahead and sign up for a program. If you have specific goals or health issues/concerns, a specific diet/meal plan/workout plan may help you.

Eat a healthy DietEating healthy means different things to different people.  So, to keep it short and sweet… Eat foods that fuel your body; fruits and vegetables, lean protein, some grains, etc. 

Exercise Regularly – Moving your body has lots of benefits and it is advised to move at least 30 minutes per day.  Exercise increases your cardiovascular, skeletal, and muscular strength.  It allows for your body to function at maximum potential.  The plus side to this, is it makes you feel great too. 

Maintain a healthy weight – If your body carries excess fat or weight, it begins to overwork and will eventually begin to break down.  Keeping a healthy weight is a combination of a healthy diet and exercising regularly.  See above for details.

All in all, during this time our sense of health and immunity has been heightened.  Don’t take this time period lightly!  Take this as a wakeup call to either continue taking care of your health or to do a better job at it.  We can always improve on something; for me it’s stress.  So, take a moment and evaluate where you are and set a goal!  Let’s do this!