It's Time to Show
Up For Yourself

Do something that your future self will thank you for. 

Maybe you began this year with big goals of having the body of your dreams. Or maybe you want to run a 12 minute mile. Maybe you just want to consistently feel good, sleep well and not get winded from a flight of stairs. Whatever your goals are, today is the day to begin.


Group fitness classes are just the ticket to showing up for yourself
right here and now.

Maybe you’ve been saying…

“I’m too busy.”
I try and meet the needs of my attendees as best I can. Here’s the current group fitness schedule.

“I just began this journey and I’m nervous about being around those who are already much more fit than I am. “
My group fitness attendees represent various points of the journey. We all have to start somewhere! No matter where you’re at, you’ll be walking into a judgement-free zone. If you’re still on the fence, I do offer personal training.

“Can I just try a class out before I commit?”
Of course you can! It’s only $20 to drop in and try out a class.

It’s time to SHOW UP.

Why Does Group Fitness Work? 

Proper form.
Proper form means less injury and optimal results. 

Group fitness classes means your more likely to show up for yourself – no excuses.

We are built to gravitate towards being a part of a team. In group fitness classes, we work together, root for each other and build friendships.

While home workouts are beneficial, it’s much easier to get bored and fall off track. Group fitness means a variety in workouts to keep you on your toes and staying motivated.

That’s right. Group fitness is fun! Working out and moving your body should be fun. If it’s not enjoyable, it just won’t stick.

See For Yourself

Check out these before & after images of real members.

Hi, I’m Bridget!

Group Fitness to me is everything.  Being around like-minded people with common goals is heart fluttering.  Joining a group fitness class was exhilarating to me, it was like a party I could not miss.  It presented me with accountability, community, celebration, and that extra push I needed to be great. Implementing group fitness in my routine heightened the importance and need for it in my life. I can’t go on without my group fitness! It brings that extra life support you need sometimes to KEEP GOING!

My clients enjoy group fitness as a way to switch things up, add a challenge, add variety, and most of all community. It’s the community of support, love, concern, accountability that brings change and thus brings results. My clients love the fact that they can show up and not have to think about what to do or where to go. Coming to a place with goals that set you up to win is a huge deal. Group fitness is the place where you can push out the stress in your life, make a friend, have some laughs, learn something new. Most of all, shed some pounds, tone some muscle and increase your overall health.