Bringing the Body Back

In the last blog, I talked about how to get back up again, emotionally and mentally.  At least the starting steps, because as I mentioned, there is a lot more that has to be done.  But you’re your physical being is a big deal, not just body image, but self-image.

A lot of times when we go through heartache and depression, we neglect ourselves.  I had the tendency to either over eat, or not eat at all. Towards the end of my marriage I began gaining a lot of weight.  I was still working out, but stress took over and my body was basically shutting down. I was always nauseous, had a headache, extremely tired and dehydrated.  I couldn’t understand why I felt sick all the time nor why I kept gaining weight. Fast forward to post divorce, I gained a little more weight because I could barely get up and make it to work, much less a gym.  Tuh!!! I wasn’t eating healthy, drinking water, nor working out. For a period of time I was living on ginger ale, saltine crackers, and chicken noodle soup (chik fil a, because that’s high-class soup Lol!).

Now, 35 lbs. heavier, I was miserable.  My job required me to run a lot, and my running and breathing capacity was piss poor.  I felt so unhealthy and undesirable. I had to do something! One day I decided to join a group gym that held fit classes, as I mentioned in a previous blog, and I stuck with it for maybe 2 months.  After those two months, my schedule changed, and I had to quit the gym. But, I didn’t quit working out. I began working out again on my own, because I needed a jump start! That group class pushed me to keep working and pursue my goals of getting “before marriage fine”.  I worked out every day, sometimes twice a day when I had time. I began meal prepping again, and actually fueling my body. I began to get energy and a greater desire to actually invest in myself. Now a days I’m almost back to where I want to be, striving everyday to reach my goal body.  My goal is to feel great from the inside out, and to have a certain muscle definition in my core, legs, and arms…that’s my whole body..LOL! Anyway, I know I can do it, and I wont give up until I get there. Join me?

So, you ask, how did you get your body back?  Here’s how:

  1. ADMIT that you are not where you want to be.  Nobody is perfect or has the perfect body, but everyone’s goal should be to be the best version of themselves.  This means, feeling healthy and being able to fulfill your purpose in life. You cannot do great things if you are always sick.  So, admit that you haven’t done your best and that YOU can, and YOU will do better at investing and taking care of YOU and YOUR body!
  2. COMMIT to YOU!  Commit to the fact that you are determined to get your body healthy again, whether it be prebaby body, high school athlete body, or a whole new goal you’ve created.  COMMIT to it, BELIEVE in YOURSELF, and go after it! There’s nothing that YOU can’t do! ANYTHING is possible. COMMIT to your goal… commitment is big, once your commitment you are married to it. The only way to cultivate a healthy marriage with your body, is to work on it consciously DAILY!
  3. PLAN…Creating a plan is essential.  That means plan out what you will eat, when you will exercise, when you will relax, when you will sleep, when you will take time to do something you enjoy.  This takes discipline and of course commitment. Creating a schedule that works for you and your life style is important. Whether it be 30 mins per day or 5 min every hr., plan to create the best you.  Shameless plug: If you need meal plans, workout plans, and life schedules we provide those at Key Life Fitness… I can help you by offering you the plan that got ME back on track. Click here to find out more
  4. EXECUTE.  So, you’ve admitted, committed, created a plan with the help of Key Life Fitness and now it’s time to EXECUTE!  This is the best part! Like, you are actually going to get up in the morning and DO IT! You are going to put down the soda, pick up a dumbbell, walk around the block, breathe, relax… It’s happening.  You’ve invested in you! You got this, execute your lifestyle change! JUST DO IT! No more hesitation, no more excuses…. You have to do it, for you, for your kids, for the people rooting for you, for those praying for you, and for those peoples live you’re about to change… You have to EXECUTE!  Now GO!
  5. CHANGE…Don’t be afraid of this word.  Change is good… actually change is great.  We can never be settled into something so much that we can change for the better.  So, this means that we commit to the plan, but once we reach our first goal it’s ok to increase our committed and dedication to have an even greater CHANGE from the inside out.  There will be setbacks, failures, downfalls… but the beauty of this lifestyle change you are embarking on is that each day, each moment is a new gift a new chance to invest in you.  Once you invest in you, you have more to give, more to share, more to do! Don’t give up on you just because this one relationship, one job, one situation didn’t work out. Don’t let ‘LIFE’ get the best of you.  Get your body back, from the inside out!

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