Birthday Week

Happy Birthday Month and Week to Me!  Yay! It’s my birthday, and I am turning 21 for the 12th time, how exciting. But seriously I want to share some things I’ve learned from September 12th last year until now. Time has gone by super-fast!

  1. Everyone is not for you!  You are going to LOSE some people.  Some people that were in my life last year this time are no longer there.  For no specific rhyme or reason! People that are not for you will find a way to remove themselves from your life.  At first I can admit, I was a little hurt, but now I’ve chosen to not back. Wish them the best and move on. The people that need to be in your life will choose to stay!  Be thankful for the people that left and the people that stayed.
  2. Take Chances! Over the course of the year, I restarted my personal training business, met some really great people and explored some career options.  If you want a new career, go for it! If you want to go back to school, do it! Want to join a dating site, go for it! Don’t let your mind limit your progress.  JUST DO IT!
  3. Don’t Judge.  I’ve felt like I’ve been judged so many times in my life this past year.  Unfortunately, it’s a part of life and you just have to deal with it. But through this I’ve learned to be way more empathetic and a better listener.  I’ve become so much more understanding with people and their issues. Everyone has a bad day, but the bad day stems from something else. The way people behave or treat others stems from how they are being treated.  So don’t judge others, take the time and find out their back story.
  4. It’s not too late!  At my age I sometimes felt like it’s too late, let me just stay at this job forever and retire. NO NO, and NO again! It’s never too late to pursue your dream, to live your best life, and to be happy.  Going through so much in my younger years propelled me to be able to handle the current happiness now. I’ve learned so much that now I realize the time wasn’t then, its NOW!
  5. REST is LIFE…. I used to go nonstop 7 days a week.  Work, work, work. I have now realized that it’s not cute to be tired all the time.  I have figured out that I am way better when I actually rest, go to sleep at a decent time, take a day to do nothing.  Rest is essential to staying cute, looking younger, and body recovery.
  6. YOUR LIFE, YOUR HAPPINESS. I’m in this thing by myself.  Yes, I have friends and family that support me. But I learned most important that my VISION and PURPOSE is just that, MINE!  No one else can fulfill it, plan it, live it, or walk in it.


So, Happy Birthday to me!  May this year be my best year yet!  Full of love, happiness, God’s blessings, new business, new beginnings, travel, increase in money, and many smiles!