Affirmations for Success

One Year Older, One Step Closer

So, this year I turned one year older.  As I continue to learn more about myself and this NEW lifethat I am blessed to experience I find myself creating new GOALS, a New PURPOSE, and New OPPORTUNITIESto tackle to carry me into my BEST LIFE!  Many times, doubt or fear of failure comes in that limits your mind, thus your drive and your passion.  So, a huge thing for me this year is to hide that fear, bury my doubt and KEEP PUSHING!  I am here for a purpose, and I am determined to walk in it!

This year’s top 5 goals, although I have like 100 (lol) are to do the following:

  1. Get in optimal physical shape, internal and external health, and mental wealth.
  2. Open my own fitness facility in a lucrative area with great, long lasting, ever growing clientele and grants
  3. Use my knowledge and passion to do those things I love, and to no longer work to pay bills.I desire to live an abundant life, travel, give, love, and live on purpose
  4. To create an avenue for my family to be prosperous and grow both spiritually, mentally, and financially
  5. To be debt free, living in abundance, serving in the kingdom of God, and sharing my story to help those in need.

In order to bury my fears and begin working towards my goals I have to change my mindset, thus my attitude, then my altitude changes.  So, in saying that, here’s a few (7) affirmations (keys)I have created to say to myself every morning.  As my attitude begins to change, the goals seem to not be so far-fetched.  I know that some things seem so large to accomplish and I find myself thinking about how and when, and why?  But, all of these goals that I have are part of my purpose and I plan to fulfill each and every one of them (all 100).  See here are the 7:

    1. I am blessed, prosperous, I am beautiful, I am amazing, fearfully and wonderfully made!


    1. I am valuable, and what I do will change lives. I will become all God has called me to be.


    1. I am in great health and strong and fit!


    1. My business will flourish, helping thousands around the world and in my community.


    1. I succeed at everything I put my hands to.


    1. I easily attract ideal clients, long term clients, great business relationships, and amazing opportunities.


  1. My income is constantly increasing and allowing me to bless and help many.

I can do anything in and with God, and I know this year will be amazing!  I pray for you reading this that you set goals and affirm yourself in order to reach them.  You can do this, you got this, we got this!  Make this year great.  Don’t wait until January 1st, START RIGHT NOW!